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"In Cairo, every girl is born a dancer."

-Egyptian Proverb

In 2015, Elisabeth founded the first belly dance company in Zambia

Dancing to support local charities . . . and elephants!

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Elisabeth is an award-winning international belly and Middle Eastern dancer based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Creating Dance Magic Around the World

Elisabeth has performed with several dance companies including Bellyqueen in New York, Shazadi Dance Project in New Jersey and taught classes from Marrakech to Bermuda, from Cape Town to Delhi. She also has founded two dance companies, one in Zambia, and one in the US, to bring the dazzling art of the belly to new stages and new audiences.

ElisabethBelly Dance Performer, Teacher and Choreographer
Elisabeth has been learning Middle Eastern and belly dance since 2014, teaching, dancing and competing across five continents. She is trained in Egyptian and American Oriental styles of belly dance and has been involved in theatrical dance shows in Zambia, Italy, Namibia and the US.
ZambellyZambia's First Belly Dance Company
Elisabeth founded Zambelly in 2015, which has since performed at corporate events, for prominent charity organizations, birthdays and weddings across Zambia. Zambelly has been featured on national television and cable, national newspapers and major music and arts festivals in Lusaka. Zambelly has also been invited to perform in Namibia and South Africa.
PersicaAtlanta's Modern Oriental and Middle Eastern Dance Company
A dance company dedicated to bringing this joyful dance form to new audiences and stages across Georgia and beyond.