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Belly dance is for people of all shapes and sizes and ages!

Elisabeth has danced across five continents. Join her!

"In Cairo, every girl is born a dancer."

-Egyptian Proverb

In 2015, Elisabeth founded the first belly dance company in Zambia

Dancing to support local charities . . . and elephants!

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Hire Elisabeth

Hire Elisabeth to perform at your next joyful life occasion! Elisabeth can entertain audiences at birthday parties, corporate events, premieres, fashion shows, sweet sixteens, holiday events, weddings, and other major life celebrations. Request a quote now.

What To Expect

  • A professional dancer in full costume with music and speakers for a great time for your guests and a memorable birthday party for your family! Oriental dance is beautiful, graceful and family-friendly, and thus will only be performed for female or mixed-gender audiences.
  • A typical belly dance show is 20 minutes, roughly following the American Oriental format with an entrance, beautiful veil number, an upbeat party song, a prop number (such as candles or sword), and audience participation segment, and finally ending with a get-up-and-dance number for everyone!
  • Other performance types available include zeffa for Egyptian-Style wedding entrances, American tribal fusion numbers with sword and fire, Middle Eastern folkloric dances such as raks assaya or Greek chiftitelli or Saudi khaleegy, as examples.
  • If you’d like, picture-taking opportunities after the show with guests.

Helpful Additional Information

When contacting Elisabeth, it would be helpful to have the following questions answered so that Elisabeth has all the information she needs to put on a great show.

  • When is the event?
  • Where is the event?
  • Who will be Elisabeth’s point of contact at the event?
  • What kind of venue is it? What kind of floor is there?
  • Do you have a boombox on site/have a DJ for the party?
  • Is there is a private, secure area away from the performance space where Elisabeth can change?
  • When do the festivities start? When would you like the dancer to appear? Where would you like the dancer to enter from?
  • How many people will be in the audience? What kind of crowd is it? (Younger, older, Middle Eastern, Zambian, expat, kids, etc)
  • If there is a guest of honor, such as a birthday girl, what do they look like?¬†(Bonus if there are pictures)
  • Is there an event¬†theme? Are you following a color theme or mood?
  • Do you have any special requests, such as for music?

Oriental Dance by ElisabethRates and Dancer Logistics

Contact Elisabeth with details of your event for a quote. Additional dancing time, travel outside of Atlanta, hire requests with event dates within two weeks of initial reservation, and custom choreography or costume changes are subject to additional charges. The payment terms are 50% non-refundable deposit ahead of time and the remaining 50% after the performance.

Depending on the venue, Elisabeth may request a costume helper to accompany her backstage to assist with costumes and props and logistics getting to the dancing area. If the venue is outside of a family home, that the management is informed and briefed on what will happen to make sure everything runs smoothly. The area Elisabeth dancing in should be lit and large enough to accommodate a dancer safely in an area cleared of tables, preferably barefoot (and if fire is used, that there is enough space to use fire safely with informed venue management).

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