Spicebox: A Dance Journey of the Senses

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Spicebox: A Dance Journey of the Senses

I am doing something incredibly frightening: I am co-producing a theatrical belly dance show for the 2013 holiday season with Dena of Shazadi Dance Project. Called Spicebox, it is about a New York City working girl named Jess who comes home to an empty apartment on a blustery December afternoon. She turns on her plastic Walgreens Christmas tree on her coffee table, orders Seamless, and proceeds to eat her dinner out of a takeout container. Then, she unexpectedly gets a package delivered to her from her faraway grandmother. Inside is an intricately carved wooden spicebox, brimming with spices and scents from hot, dusty, fragrant places. There is a letter attached:

I miss you dearly, New York City girl.

In this package, I included some of the Sahara, so you might remember what it feels like to have sand between your toes.

I also saved these spices just for you in this spicebox. With them, bake some spice cookies, but don’t eat them alone.

Love you,


What comes next? Find out in the trailer below! Get more information about the show and order tickets soon at spiceboxshow.com. (Meanwhile, I, along with the 12 dedicated dancers from Shazadi and Dena, their director, will be worrying about choreography, costuming, script, lighting, venue, marketing, and the million other things it requires to pull off a show of this magnitude. Let the sleepless nights begin!)

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