Want Buns of Steel? Get SharQui!

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Want Buns of Steel? Get SharQui!

In late September, I bit the bullet and signed up and attended a SharQui training in San Francisco, taught by the talented Oreet, who has done what many other dancers have tried and failed to do: create a comprehensive fitness-based belly dance workout. I first took her SharQui workout class in the Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive and was impressed with the speed in which she got 80 dancers really moving and breaking a sweat within five minutes. Now, I am no slacker in the area of core strength, but I have yet to meet a cardio routine that I liked, until I started SharQui. It will kick your butt until it falls off. My belly dancer’s mindset suddenly was hammered into the fun group fitness mindset, which can be a challenge!

Oreet, a well-known dancer on the West Coast, is one of the most put-together people I know, and her training program to get SharQui qualified is no different. I joined six other dancers in refreshing our memories on the basics of human anatomy and physiology and how it applies to dance movement and group exercise, and then she explained her process for keeping energy high during a 45-minute or hour-long workout aimed at women who don’t have a dance background and are likely taking this class in a gym setting.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is Diet Belly Dance with no technique! Oreet “sneaks in” technique through choreographed warm-ups and meticulously constructed steps that emphasize footwork and layering once the basic moves are figured out. Oreet has shaken up the class format recently to be even easier to keep people moving and pulses pounding and has addictive custom mixed dance tracks to match.

I just got my certificate. and once Spicebox is complete in December, I will look into starting to teach SharQui classes in NY or NJ in January, the perfect time for all of us to “sweat sexy” and work off the gingerbread. To learn more about SharQui, check out the promo vid!

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